Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giving up

OK ~ so we are having takeaway tonight.
Why? Because. Yes there is food in the pantry, yes the fridge holds the makings of a meal, yes we have stuff in the freezer. However, every now and then, that urge to get something made by another with the lack of need to wash up after is good for the spirit.

I know, we know ~ this is not the way to go. We're not talking Pizza Hut or Domino's because those pizza's are so 'mechanical' - 13 pieces of pineapple, 25gm of bbq sauce, one sachet of pre-cooked chicken - we are going to get them from our local pizzeria, keep the local businesses trading and have the 3-for-$21-and-soft drink deal. 

So, we will be spending. It's almost ridiculous spending the same amount we could use over a week on one meal but pffft ~ let's just call it the weakness of being human and having desires. It's not like $400 for a pair of shoes, or more on a handbag or $100 on gamer games. 

Yes - it's been a difficult week and still waiting for a final pay to hear 'something' still needs checking to verify I've done what I've charged for. August to December really is not good enough after all the copying, calling and postage paid to get this sorted. So not happy.  Wrong week/month to give up me smokes!

Still - nothing (aside from the pizza) spent today.  Mowed before the storms, weeded a little, collected the eggs and tidied up the lounge room. That'll do :D

You were always welcome
You always were there
I thought that I needed you
With me everywhere
But ultimately you only
Ever brought me down
You used all my money
Made my life unsound

Oh to throw you out, to give you away
I like you around me, I want you to stay
But you are the poison bringing me down
I feel so much better when you're not around

Since I can remember
You've been here with me
Inside me, beside you
It's time to break free
There's memories you've taken
So false, they are yours
When the cloud haze fades
They're the ones to ignore

So please don't come knocking
Back at my door
No calls on the mobile
I want you no more
As much as I love you
And wish we could play
You're all too controlling
Far away you must stay

Actually thrown you out, I gave you away
Can't have you around me, still others can stay
Found you were the poison, pushed me to the ground
I feel so much better when you're not around

Breathing the air
Clean, fresh and true
No more of the smoke screen
Set up by you
Singing a new song
Comes up from the heart
While I still want you
I've made a new start


  1. that is beautiful ;-)
    we also had nothing in pantry tonight so we had pizza as well lol... Chloe loves making her famous pizza with all sorts of toppings and omg! was it yum xxx

  2. Accountable Kimmie here saying ya can't give up and that we are all eagerly awaiting your daily updates to be updated :P