Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guess who just popped past??

Ho Ho Ho
Yes ~ Father Christmas (also known as Santa, St Nick and many other alias') has been down our chimney, delivered the goodies and is now heading over to Western Australia for deliveries.  How do we know this?  

Aside from helping him unload a plethora of gifts from that mighty sleigh of his, we were watching his journey using the wonderful Norad Santa Tracker which now used Google Earth (but make sure you use the free app ~ there are some up expecting payment ~ spoilsports!)  Plus we know for sure the roof is going to need some work if we plan to put up solar panels!

Thanks to Father Christmas using the chimney ~ we will not require a sweep out when winter rolls in next year. For such a big bloke, he sure can squeeze down skinny flues!  Can you tell we enjoyed a natter and some Christmas spirit?!!  Oi vie it is late and so not how this year was 'planned'.  Lost a few days with this annoying cough, cold, flu, virus lurgy. Much better now ~ thanks for asking ~ and more thanks to those who sent the much needed 'get well' vibes!

Should get about 6hours sleep before the kids decide to wake us up and start the merriment. Hopefully the Christmas spirits will carry us through *grins* Actually ~ I've only been drinking ginger cordial. Very yummy and helping kick this bug!

My horoscope has had me giggle ~ couldn't be more suitable for this particular time. I am really looking forward to the family all together for lunch ~ who would have thought!:

SCORPIO (24 December US/Canada/UK/Europe - 25 December NZ/Australia) 
Despite the fact that your mind is likely to be on other things and to your horror you can’t seem to take your professional hat off, this is one Christmas that is likely to be very special, with a lot of love, pleasure and joy. That’s because for the first time since 2007 Venus, planet of love is spending Christmas in your sign, reminding you that at the end of the day it’s all about love, listening to your heart and focusing on the things you’re able to celebrate.

Salads are made, ready for the esky. Breakfast is sorted - home made chocolate croissants amongst other yummies. So now Husband and I shall hit the hay and be ready to have a very special and happy day. There are going to be some big smiles when it is daylight and the wrappings start to come off. *grins*

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a joyous day. 
Remembering the non-commercial aspect, show love and care to those who need it ~ and those who don't ~ today is one day we can all be friendly, forgiving, sharing and caring.
Bring out a little of your God (or Goddess) and smile like you mean it.

Love & Light; Power & Might


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS hun to you and your family :-)
    Please stay safe this happy festive season and see/chat to you i 2011 <3 xxxpop over and say hi at the bloghop!

  2. Mands so sorry to hear that you have been a crook chook. Love, light and much happiness is wished for you, Rich and the boys over Christmas and the coming new year.
    You have a gift with words that speaks to my heart and are someone I consider a dear friend.

    Much love, hugs and support all the way~!

    Kimmie, Heartpoet, Rhi and Brenton.