Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One big hurdle

Oh you would think by now we'd have it together

Nah ~ for one, while we have a 'break' from the loan - the NIVA which is considered a 'debt' needs to be repaid before it can be reduced. This seems odd to us as we would have thought the moneys going onto that would have been better deferred to the LOC or the Mortgage.  But no.

Why ~ because that is not what we set up. No kidding! We had been fine with the arrangements until August/September and this is why a reduced NIVA balance was requested. We didn't 'owe' on it as such, but apparantly until the balance (credit) in NIVA is $3000, it can't be reduced to $1000.  Now, there is $1800 there and this needs another $1200 before the limit can be reset. I do not understand...

On the spending, we've been pretty good at spending as little as possible - and only on the essentials - until last week.  Last week was 'bad'.  Not because SmallBoy had a birthday - all presents came in under the $50 mark and were things he 'really wanted' like a penny whistle ($15), the next books in the Shannara series (2 x $7) and a video game ($20) - motivation, enthusiasm and energy up'd and left the house. So there were 2 nights of takeaway dinners - pizza once and hamburgers once.  $60 we can ill-afford - and it didn't really taste as good as was hoped.

Christmas is getting closer and closer and closer - and we have not got a tree up, decorations up or presents bought. We've got a few bits and bobs - which I wont mention in case the recipients are reading *grins* but these are all under $5.

Any how ~ because I don't want the Mission to be a 'chore' or anything like that, we are adding some variety to the FaceBook page with ideas on keeping those outgoings down down down.  Like tonight's quick dinner.  Gotta love nachos ~ while the SmallBoy watered the veggies and the bonsai, Husband changed all the bed sheets and I tidied the kitchen and made Nachos for dinner.  This is one of the more 'expensive' meals, more so if the corn chips are not bought on special. Thankfully - these were :D

Nachos with sour cream and guocamoule

2 pkts plain corn chips
1 jar of spicy salsa (some of the supermarket brands are great!)
100gm of grated cheese (we do a little tasty, a little mozzarella, a little parmesan)

Set the oven to 180
Open one packet of corn chips into an oven proof dish (we use the pyrex casserole or lasagne dish)
Spread half the salsa over the chips
Top with a handful of cheese
Repeat it all again with the second bag of corn chips
Bung it in the over for 15-20mins

While this is toasting, melting and stuff, let's make the guocamoule

1 avocado
Sweet chilli sauce
Lemon or lime juice
* pureed basil is optional and lovely!

Scoop out the avocado into a bowl
Add a splosh of sweet chilli sauce
Squeeze in some lemon or lime juice
*pop in a teaspoon of the basil if you want

With a fork just mooshie it all up until it is sort of smooth but not pureed or creamed - a few lumps of avocado won't be a problem.

The corn chips, salsa and cheese will be ready
Top with a healthy dollop of sour cream
Add that guocamoule and chow on down

Napkins and cutlery optional *grins*

OK - back tomorrow with a weekly update and some more of the changes explained ~ we want your feedback, comments and - if at all possible - your spare change . . . 


  1. I love the homemade nachos too - but add some more and then have leftovers to have with some rice another night.

    In another pot I will fry up some onion and garlic and capsicum. Then add a tin of chopped tomatoes, kidney beans (or refried beans). Just heat this mixture up and it becomes a vegetarian base for the nachos - it goes on top of the corn chips, then cheese on top, under the griller and add your sour cream and guacamole.

    Sometimes when the avocadoes are expensive, it's cheaper to buy a tub of guacamole.

    I know it's not a cheaper meal, but this is quite often our Saturday night meal - cheaper and tastier than take away.


  2. Mmmmm ~ I often want to add red onion, capsicums, kidney beans and other bits n bobs ~ one at a time, as we've just got the SmallBoy 'into' sour cream and guocamoule (but not avocado - yet)
    Thanks Sue - I might add the onion, garlic and capsicum next cook up :D