Thursday, December 16, 2010


May the angels keep you till morning.
May they guide you through the night.
May they comfort all your sorrows.
May they help you win the fight.
May they keep watch on your soul.
May they show you better ways.
May they guard you while you're sleeping.
May they see you through your days.
May they show you new hopes.
May they still your every doubt.
May they calm your every fear.
May they hear you when you shout.
May the angels keep you till morning.
More than this I cannot pray.
And if the angels ever fail you.
Then may God be there that day.
~ my reading from the angels

One of those funny things you try along the way ~ more a note to say we are here and it looks like the outstanding moneys is to be finalised.  Not as expected, but to end the heart-ache and feeling of being used we will accept the offer of 50% ~ it is what one does to move on.

Big day of appointments, meetings and I am going to do some volunteer work to refresh my administrative skills so that over the next 12 months when Husband returns to work I too can undertake paid work with recent experience.  Plus I've always wanted to do work in Child Services so this could be an eye-opener.

No money spend, no savings made ~ but we did have the most delicious meal tonight using 'dead' veggies, 1 chicken breast and rice.  It was almost like a gado gado ~ peanut satay sauce but better.  Mmmmm ~ so no takeaway, no spending, no angst!

Well done to us ~ and we shall chat tomorrow...


  1. Hey there Mands

    Still cheering, still egging you on, still missing your daily posts :P

  2. Earth to Mands....accountability fairy egging you on! hehehehe

  3. Oh I do love ya mate xx

    Thought I'd either had a wee drink or food reaction ~ turns out I have whooping cough, an ear/nose/throat infection, a virus in the bronchial AND laryngitis. Shoot me now!?!?

    Doing a wee up date and going to bed...