Friday, December 24, 2010

Way too early...

Christmas is almost wrapped up for 2010

It is too early to be up and alert ~ thankfully I am only one of these things at the moment!! If you need a hint ~ alert is not one of them!

Hence the dribbly nature of this post! If I could work out how to go to the pages using the phone, I'd update the finances. I don't want to turn on the computer because it is too noisy. Gosh technology is amazing. Back to money - spending actually. Knowing we have 'failed' dismally of late (mostly due to the madness of Christmas) this is probably a good thing for the old self-confidence to not try and do an update until the whole thing is sorted ~ sort of?!?

We've got everything for the sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, mothers and fathers for just under $250 ~ and that is no mean feat when there are 22 people who fall under one of those types!! One gift is my family's Kris Kringle which has a $50 cost. This year's theme is home or house (can't remember exactly) and we were $1 over.

We also need to get gifts from the kids to the nanas - these fell within that $250 budget ~ had ball-parked $10 per head and made it. Nothing tacky or too kitch either!! Oh I can't wait to share some of the bargains found, scavenged and bought this year.  Personally, the free 67cm colour flat screen TV is the best score - free, functional and fantastic - and going to a very deserving person (well, we think so *grins*)  No No - not us, although it is definitely in the "bigger, better, faster" category!!

Thankfully the sleepies are again creeping in ~ this lurgy is terrible and the coughing has disturbed for too many days. Heck knows how Husband sleeps through.  Funny note - he did 'wake' and say "oh, baby, not fair" but has no recollection of doing so. At least he is not missing out on his beauty sleep.

A little Christmas thought to share to all

Finally, it's Christmas Eve
And the kids are on such highs
Mum & Dad keep smiling
When they hear the happy cries
It's not about the gifts they get
Or what Santa left behind
This year its all about the joy
And enjoying special time
For every year, as they pass
It's less about the presents
As we all grow, we get to know
Christmas is more about our presence

So hug your loved ones
Hold and kiss them true
One day the best gift
Will be the memories from you

✲´(░) ¸.(░)´✫
(¸(░)´ (¸.✲´´¯`•.¸¸.(░)✫
(░)•(░)✲ CняisԷмas کþяɨղƙɭєṡ (░) • ✫
┊ ┊ ❄´´¯`❅.¸¸.(░)✫
❄  by ~Mands 2010

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