Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not sure where this one is going...

Man we are having the most amazing storms.
It is summer, only just ~ and the weather cannot make up its mind which way to go!  The only consistent is there is a guaranteed torrential downpour at school pick up time ~ has been for the past week or so. Full of crashing, rumbling thunder vibrations and flashing sheets or random bolts of lightening! And the wind!!  Each morning seems to start warm, high teens moving into the low-mid 20s before big, blue-black storm clouds materialise across the sky ahead of a massive temperature drop. 

The heavens open, natures' symphony drum-roll hits is crescendo ~ occasionally throwing in hail to add to the varying and contrasting size, weight and pitch of the rain-drops ~ before we have a brief intermission of tumbling thunder, light, pattering rain and great sheets of lightening intermittently before the neighbours' dogs start up a new chorus, usually signalling a repeat performance of the stormy session!

At some point the temperature rises as Mother Nature composes her musical of sound, colour and light in a flurry of inspiration, often stopping and starting or focussing on a particular aspect of her storm. Just now there has been splatters of the rain, heavy, slow rhythmic drops moving into gentle with small needle point drops. As the wind again picks up sending her musical drops into hurried waves of off tempo arrangements, there are definite signs of more changes and possibly sunshine before sunset. *sighs*

We love storms ~ such a wonder, truly delightful, totally unpredictable and never the same experience.  To follow up today's blackened performance we have now been blessed with the bluest of skies, flecked with white fluffy clouds racing on a mild breeze in front of a blazing sun ~ well!  The setting skies have pink and orange hues so we can be led to believe tomorrow should be a rather glorious day.  At quick check at the Elders Weather page has set off a cheer - because its going to be 29oC tomorrow and 26oC on Sunday ~ what a lovely sounding weekend!!

Raising Funds to Reduce Debt
More items up on eBay ~ still of the Tupperware variety but other stuff is getting photographed at the moment. 
We really do hope to get a fair bit to refund the debt these items originally created on the VISA.  At one stage, a good $1000 of Tupperware was on this card so if we can raise even that through eBay it will be a worthwhile effort. I just don't know what else to put up which will sell - going to screen-doh eBay - an online version of window shopping, and just as inexpensive!

Staying on the 'not spending' track ~ nothing spent today. Ordered SmallBoy's Grade 6 "Bomber" jacket tho - $40 bucks!! All quiet from the wallets.  We did get firewood yesterday and Husband haggled with the price as it was red gum sleeper offcuts and scraps. He got it for $10 a metre less, and kept our usual $5 delivery discount. $280 - Good job. Boys stacked that up - well that which was not wet!

A Brief Distraction 
Well, my horoscope indicates good things for tomorrow:
SCORPIO (03 December US/Canada/UK/Europe - 04 December NZ/Australia)
A lot of things are falling into place, with the Moon in your sign as you settle back into your Venus return and as forces slowly come to a head on the income front. It’s the Moon’s position in your sign that is giving you an intuitive read on your heart, at a time when your heart has a lot to say. It was the 2 months Venus spent in your sign, combined with the 22 days that she steps back out, that has given you a clear sense of what you want and what’s a priority

Husband's is reasonably compatible, in synch almost:
VIRGO (03 December US/Canada/UK/Europe - 04 December NZ/Australia)
Whatever your plans are for the coming days, communication and home and family matters need to be high on your agenda. With the Moon spending his last full day in your communication sector before leaving Venus on her own, this creates an opportunity to speak from the heart. As you've reached an important point on the romantic, relationship, work and home fronts, the key to succeeding on all fronts and having it all is communication. 
Visitors up for the weekend, plus SmallBoy is hyper scatting as it gets closer to his birthday. Already we are getting some of the tears from the "fear he might not get..." knowing he really should be grateful for any gift received, knowing he is getting gifts and visitors and that overwhelming excitement and anticipation, even if just the presence of a relative, possibly without presents. Knowing doesn't make it any less emotionally unsettling when you're still 10yo. *shakes head a little sadly*

Time for sleep - can't spend while asleep.  Sadly, banks still apply interest while we are sleeping ~ some every night while we try to find peaceful slumber. Bit of a catch-22 for some of us, isn't it!?!


  1. I love your post on our unpredictable weather. We have had the odd storm every few days or so, but now it is very hot and humid!

    I try and set myself so I dont go to the shops at all on the weekends, hoping this is saving money, even though teenage son seems to still manage to break me when he goes bike riding with his mates. He has to eat and drink in this hot weather grrr!

    Take care,


  2. Missing your daily updates gorgeous!
    Always inspiring!

  3. I know, I know ~ Kimmie I love your 'nudges'. There is success, changes to report - 'tis the stupid season and arrgghhhh

    Tonight - promise...