Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A really quick note

For those not on FaceBook, Simple Savings or any other network ~ there is a documentary on SBS tonight which I have a rather substantial involvement.

The House of Food Obsessives ~ or 'Happy House' as I call it on Mands Meanderings ~ starts this evening at 830pm.  Those in Australia will be able to see it ~ not sure about the rest of the world as yet, although I believe it will be viewable on the SBS website from Thursday and will confirm this once known.

That's really all we wanted to share. 
Goodness knows if it is sensationalised, edited out of context or an absolutely brilliant portrayal of the events and learnings as they occurred... We shall all find out together *grins*

Regardless ~ it was a very positive experience for me, certainly has helped in many ways and while very much steered to the overweight, over eaters it is an area I am continuing to explore, develop and follow. 

OK ~ on with the show....


  1. Mands,

    I am LOVING this show, I hope it is a true portrayal. Learning so much from all participants already. Fascinating stuff!

  2. Loving the show too Mandy, will try to watch all the series. It is making me aware to a lot of things in my life, lack of motivation and direction etc...

    Thank you for telling me about this, I truly enjoyed it.